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Thread: Ringtone Adults Can't Hear

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    Ringtone Adults Can't Hear
    So i was browsing a cell phone forum and found a thread where a 'ringtone' where adults can't hear. I downloaded it and could hear it, i asked my parentals and they coulden't and not believing that anything was there.


    First Post. Can you or anyone hear it?

    heres a quick easy download.
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    Well I am an adult and yes I can hear that, friggen kills my ears though.

    Its because when you age the 'little hairs' in your ear start to fall out and higher and lower tones become dulled. I almost hope I can't hear that soon.

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    That hurts my ears very badly, and my 45 year old mom can hear it fine.
    I try to Command+Shift+/ when I can.
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    I don't have my volume up very loud, but I can hear it and I don't think it is painful.

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    Yeah I can hear it, it doesn't hurt my ears.. it is a bit annoying though.. Im 30, but I would find it interesting to see if anybody else older than me can hear it. 45 year old mom can hear it? I would say it's not quite working the way they want.. or we all have good hearing

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    Wow im 13 and can barly hear it.
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    I can hear it. Kind of annoying.

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    I can hear it, so can my cats. They are shaking their heads! I am with Graphite, Very annoying. Glad I had the level way down!! :spook:

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    I'm 40 and can hear it fine.....

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    49. Can hear it, but not all that well. I guess I'm suffering from old age high frequency roll-off. What freq is that, BTW?

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    i read about this a while ago... and for the most part from what i've heard it works.
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    I heard about this a few weeks ago. You are only supposed to be able to hear it clearly up to something like 25 or so.
    I am 33 and I can't hear it at all. They were playing it on a morning radio show here and my girlfriend was physically ill from hearing it, then again, she is 8 years younger.
    We played it in class at school and I and the professor were the only two who didn't hear a thing. The rest of the class whose ages range from 19 to 24 all heard it.
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    i can kinda hear it, but would not know it if it was a phone call, its a werid high pitch thing.

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    I'm 25 and I can hear it clear as day. When I first heard about the tone I thought I wouldn't considering the punishment I've put my ears through throughout my metal days. My roommate could hear it too. Annoying is right.

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    I'm 21... I can hear it... in fact it kills my ears. But the older people in my office (35-65) couldn't hear it at all. Seems like it works pretty well... But I'm sure there will be a few unlucky students that will have the one teacher in their school that can pick it up.
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