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    Need IE6 for school What can I do?
    So I have an iBook g4. I attend ITT and have an online class which requires IE6 or better. Now my book only has safari, firefox, and IE 5.2 which will not work. Is there anything I can do to get my by til I get my new macbook in a month in a half. I just dont want to have to go to school just to do my homework. Thanks. Sorry Im a newb to the fourms and mac computers.

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    You have two options with your iBook G4:

    1) Run VPC and you can then install IE 6 under Windows

    2) Just get hold of a Windows PC and run it from that
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    Well both firefox and Safari are better than IE6.. so IE6 or better.. pretty much includes any browser out there

    otherwise DevilBoy has said the options that you have open to you.

    Or you can find a PC user that is willing to have Remote Desktop active and you can login to their system using Remote Desktop Connection.. that's the way that I check sites etc using IE.. that option would probably be a bit slow for an online class though.

    You could check to see if the classes work in other browsers. My wife took an online class that was IE only and she actually got through it using Firefox...

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