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    something eating up my hard drive
    I have a 40gb hard drive, well 37gb. I barely have anything on here, and its down to 19gb, I have no idea whats using all that space, can anyone help me? I'm fairly new to mac, and would like to get rid of whatevetr is eating it up.

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    Music, photos, apps, etc. I have a 160GB HD and with just all of my Music, Apps, Photos, etc. I have only 4GBs left.

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    i dont have no mac's
    probably all of the porn, movies, and music on your computer. download diskinventoryX in order to find what is taking up all of the space on your computer.

    also use the search function this topic is covered at least once a month
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    Here, use this.

    Very useful to see what is taking up space in your HD. =]

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    thanks for the link, worked great!

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    Wow I cleared 5Gb with that App.
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