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    Hi All,

    i did post this question a while back about how do i reinstall osx on my powerbook, but being able to keep all my preferances?

    I tried installing tiger on an ibook the other week by just dragging the home folder to my external FW drive installing tiger then dragging it back to the ibook but it didnt install the libary files. (i tested it on a friends machine to see if it would work!)

    All i want to do is formatt my internal HD install a Fresh Copy of Tiger and put all my libary files back just like when you migrate from your old mac to a new one. :mail:



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    I havn't tried it out yet to see if it works perfect yet, but I use this program called iBackup. It's free and it will backup your home directory and your preferences for all your programs. I think after you re-install OS X, you install that program again, and then recover the rest of your data and preferences from your backup folder.
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    you should never really have a need to reinstall your os. but what you want to do is select the 'archive and install' option if you have it when you are reinstalling. it will keep all of your stuff and just reinstall the OS
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