I'm currently peicing together a computer that will run Suse Linux 10.1 (KDE). So far I have purchased a few items, but not sure which motherboard/cpu/memory setup I should go with for it.

Its basically going to be a file/print server. This way I can print from any other computer on the network or grab a document, song, video, etc from it.

Stuff I already purchased are:

2 x 320GB WD SATAII 3.0Gb/s 16MB Cache Hard Disks
1 x Sony 1.44 floppy drive
1 x Sony DVD-RW burner
(I currently have a spare microATX case with 350watt power supply)

I'm going to be using 10/100/1000 network since the speed is important when transfering gigs of data. The most will be 4-5 users connected to the linux box. I think 1GB of memory should be sufficient. I would prefer onboard video, but its not 100% neccessary. Any help choosing the right mobo/cpu combo would be appreciated. I would prefer going AMD also unless there is a good performing Intel CPU out there.