I've only skimmed the book and read to the letter E and I am already confused at the price of the book. For merely 16 dollars you can get the best book in the universe. I barely read anything but the main text in most books, but this one is hilarious even on the cover flaps, the dedication page, the foreward, the acknowledgment, and yes, the back cover reviews. Wake up early tomorrow, go to Borders, and GET THIS BOOK! I found it in the extremely small "humor" section.

Just a little taste:


1. Stabbing the wait staff is looked down upon.

While at work, a pirate may occasionally find himself invited to informal get togethers, where he and his co-workers will eat food and partake in trivial conversations about politics and other such topics they know little about.
During this gathering, or "lunch", one might experience dissatisfaction with the quality of the meal or the diligence of the wait staff, and may wish to take issue with him or her. Though it may be sinsistent with a pirate's nature to stab or assault the server (see figure 4), it is considered ill mannered. A more appropriate way of handling the situation would be to inform the waiter or waitress of the problem and try to resolve the matter without the aid of a cutlass.
Warning: Black and white blood. --> Figure 4 <--"