Forgive me..This is my first post ever! On any site or forum. I have a question for anyone who can help or lead me in the right direction. What is the most cost effective and safe way to archive. I'm self employed and work in the large format industry. My files are HUGE! A normal psd for me is at least 1.5 gigs. Clients files can add up to 6 and 7 gigs. I have a G5 2.3 Dual , 2gb ram. I have a 500gb internal and 2 Lacie 160 externals. They are all just about maxed! My system is running really slow. Do I keep buying externals? Burning to DVD would be equal to a months pay. Too much time. Do I buy more internals? Can anyone tell me about servers for macs?

Sorry for the long post, just didn't know where to start.
Any help will be appreciated.