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Thread: free 1GB account, mount on your Mac

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    243 free 1GB account, mount on your Mac
    I read on the other day about who are offering online storage accounts (free 1gb and paid ones for more space/features). The cool thing is that you can mount the storage on your mac kinda like an iDisk. It doesn't seem to be an advertised featured, but some other guys at figured it out.

    One problem is that you can't really upload files with spaces in their names because they become invisible when browsing in the Finder (it's a bug iwth After reading through blog comments etc and having a play around with automator I made something I was happy with so I've made a post on a blog (here ) detailling how to setup the mounted drive (which is suprisingly easy) and a followup post (here) on how to workaround the spaces in filename bug.

    Hope someone finds this useful! You can mount the drive pretty easily in windows to so it can be useful for swapping small files (I don't think it can go over 10mb on the free account unfortunatly).

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    interesting i will have to check that out
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    yeah, I'll be able to use it! Thanks
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    You could also use gDisk.
    turns a gmail into a storage. 2gb (and counting apparently)

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    Good find! I might have to check this out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iWonder
    You could also use gDisk.
    turns a gmail into a storage. 2gb (and counting apparently)
    When I first tried this a while back it didn't have the function to remember your login details, which made it very annoying to use, just had another look and it's nice to see you can now add your login and pass to the keychain, ill start using this too!

    EDIT--Looks like i spoke too soon, after you quit gdisk and reopen you still have to enter your email in again (although the keychain does autofill the password), argggh! why can't it just remember it! neye:

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