Hi all,

I've just graduated from my animation degree and trying to get my media company off the ground. We've done stuff for other people but we're making a little online Socca/Football game at the moment that's our first official personal project.

We just need loads of people to register for updates so we can convince the people with the money to take us seriously, but ultimately we want to make cool web games that are fun to play. It's all free and you can always unsubscribe later.

I'd really love it if you fellow mac users could spread the love and sign up. And if there's any love left, pimp the url around to all your friends.

By way of thanks we've been offering free MSN Messenger custom emoticons, but if you're using Adium (like me) they won't work unlit version 1.0 comes out! They're just animated gifs anyway, so you can use them as signatures or blog posts or whatever.

Here's the link.


Thanks loads!

Johnny ^_^