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    MSN Messanger on MAC?
    hi there, i am due to loose my MAC virginity soon as i am going to be buying my first macbook pro in about a month, however i have still have a few reservations and i was hoping some of you lot could help me with them!

    firstly, i am an avid MSN messanger user (any one who doesnt know what msn messanger is.. it is an online communication and file sharing program similar to aol messanger etc) on my current HP laptop supporting windows, but will MSN messanger work on my MAC?

    secondly, i am aware that the new macbook pro has an intel core duo, does this mean that i can run more (originally microsoft based) games such as far cry etc?


    william j ford

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    You can either use the official MSN client for OS X (which hasn't been updated in a while, so no video chat) or use aMsn (unofficial client specifically for MSN - has video chat) or use AdiumX (free, works with all IM services and looks & works the best IMO - no video and probably file transfers won't work).

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    If you use Hotmail or MSN Mail, Safari (Apple's native browser) cannot access it via MSN Messenger. Opera 8.51 can, however. I use MSN Messenger and I actually like it.

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    i use aMSN and i wish msn for mac - a new and properly updated version would come out.

    aMSN can be a bit slow but overal its gd. i tried audium and didnt like it as much as aMSN.


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