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    Google Video Player for Mac
    i found out that they have Google Video player for macs now HERE.

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    Woah, thanks. I realized they didn't have one and was hoping they would soon.

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    This may sound thick to a genius but here goes....

    I have started watching google videos.
    As I live in Thailand and download speeds arent the best I usually let some load before playing one.
    Often I find I have loaded say half, but it's time for bed or go out. If one closes the window this half seems to be lost. I told a friend and he said download Google Video Player and you can store. Well I downloaded and it doesn't seem to do anythin except provide a full screen pic which is available anyway. There doesn't seem to be help worth speaking of.
    Have I overlooked something?
    In any case is there a better modus operandi for downloading the videos Google has on file?
    Thanx in advance!

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    This thing doesn't like many video formats...

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