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    Intel Duo CPU and Tiger mismatch???
    Hello gangs!
    I'm a newbee to this forum, but not new to the Macs...
    Anyhow, does anyone here has some inside knowledge on how in the world a 64bit OS is running non-64bit CPU.

    As most of you are aware that Intel Core processors are direct decendent of Pentium M series and it does not support 64-bit operation.
    So my question is simple.

    Is the version of OS 10.4 on IntelMacs are non 64-bit OS?
    I mean all the glory of advertising world's first consumer 64-bit OS is turning into all BS?

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to blame Apple nor Intel. Because Apple supposely has rumored plan to use new Intel Core Duo 2, which does support 64-bit operation natively, in new line of PowerMac model.( no conformation on this rumor)

    If anyone in this forum with some inside knowledge can clear my head with this question, I'll be very apprecitive.

    Thanks guys.

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    Inside knowledge shouldn't be required to solve this.

    You see... when Mac was developing 10.4 they all along were compiling it and optimizing it for intel, and although it is optimized for 64bit when run on a 32bit processor it runs just the same. This essentially is not any different from PPC to Intel. Its already compiled for it.. almost like different versions floating around.

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    TIger has 32bit & 64bit support...
    The G4 was 32 bit, the g5 64 bit - but you could still run the same OS on both...
    Same with the new intel chips, they are 32bit, but are still supported 100% by tiger.

    I think for everyday consumers, 64-bit is mostly irrelevant. It sounds good, but won't really make a difference...

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    All 64 bits does for you is extend the amount of memory you can use.
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    Yeah, 64 Bit in todays world isn't realistic for most people yet. gap for 32 bit = |...| gap for 64 Bit = |......|

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