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    People get trapped in Apple NYC Store elevator.

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    That didn't take long...

    *Puts voo doo dolls away*::shifty eyes::

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    Hehe... Shoulda taken the stairs.... hehe
    "If you had a friend who was a tightrope walker, and you were walking down a sidewalk, and he fell, that would be completely unacceptable." -Mitch Hedberg

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    D*** Yankee engineering.

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    i dont have no mac's
    im sure it made some sort of news in the ny advertising!
    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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    Ah well, you can't always help it when your elevator gets the spinning beach ball, now can you?
    i feel slightly bad for the people that got trapped but it makes for a funny story

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    I saw thi earlier in the day, did anyone even read the comments?

    1. is it a Rev A. elevator?

    Posted at 5:44PM on May 29th 2006 by Evan Hindra

    2. Man, the Apple haters are going to be all over this.

    Posted at 5:49PM on May 29th 2006 by tiuk

    3. #2: Then it should make the process of knowing who to weed out of a conversation that much easier; if people are going to make so big of a deal out of a silly issue like this as to discount an entire company because of it... how intelligent, useful (in a conversation) or rational do you think they can really be?

    Posted at 5:56PM on May 29th 2006 by David Chartier

    4. There'll be a firmware update soon, but the customers had to have an extended warranty out on their AppleŽ Feet Pro 1.0.

    Posted at 6:02PM on May 29th 2006 by Duke Nukem

    5. Am I the only junky that got confused by those last few lines in the end of the article mentioning a "fix" and something about a water bottle.


    Posted at 6:02PM on May 29th 2006 by maxim

    6. Turns out was running under Rosetta emulation, since when the original store was designed, which was around March 2005, it was built around a dual PPC G5, and then the Intel transition was unthinkable. They (eventually) replaced the processor for the final release, but didn't have time (or may as well have forgotten to) recomplie to be a Unversal Binary. Of course the man in charge of this is now fired and on the next Cube Store Security Update there will be a point update to, making it a UniBin and considerably faster. It will also automatically serve water when it crashes, so the employees don't have to bother.

    Posted at 6:09PM on May 29th 2006 by Radu Dutzan

    7. Is it just me or does that look like Jobs in the pic on the right w/ his back to the camera?

    #1 - Nicely done!

    #5 - lol. I agree. Although, if the employees were getting a fix off the water, wouldn't they be drinking it instead of lowing it into the elevator? Or, were those trapped in the elevator actually employees? Or, were the employees getting a fix from the lowering of the water?


    Posted at 6:12PM on May 29th 2006 by FritzLaurel

    8. It was probably an issue with the thermal grease.

    Posted at 6:38PM on May 29th 2006 by Matt P

    9. I can't beleive no one mentioned the part were it says "I wonder if this is what happens when you leave the Apple Store without purchasing anything?" because that really made me laugh. <-Me!

    Posted at 6:53PM on May 29th 2006 by Alex Marchuk

    10. I was in that elevator a couple of times and I agree that it is pretty crappy, it takes an hour to finally close the door and open it and going up and down also takes forever!


    Posted at 7:14PM on May 29th 2006 by Zoli

    11. #7 part deux

    To me it sounded as if the employees wanted to do a fix before the cops showed up. After doing their fix, they hid the water bottles in the elevator by lowering it there.

    So to conclude what drugs they were doing my educated guess was crack .... NY favorite. See they made water pipes from the water bottles and the cops whould recognize those bottle ... hence they had to be hid!


    Posted at 7:41PM on May 29th 2006 by maxim

    12. does anybody care besides macusers in NY if the elevator in a store in NY work. i'm sorry i know it's a slow news day but please..keep up the quality

    Posted at 10:00PM on May 29th 2006 by byondbyond

    13. Actually, there's a legal angle that interests me in this entry, by. It seems Apple has not paid sufficient attention to building functionality in that store. That's something I've wondered about. Emergency exits, flashing lights, sprinkler systems, etc., are 'ugly.' We know that Steve Jobs is an extremist when it comes to anything that is Apple be as elegant as possible. I wonder if there might be problems if there is a greater emergency in an Apple Store requiring quick evacuation of a large number of people.

    Elevators get stuck rather often. Still, Apple should have a contract with a repair company that provides 24-hour service and not have to rely on the police.

    Posted at 10:27PM on May 29th 2006 by Mac Diva

    14. -#12

    I believe that this is a very relevant story. If you don't want to read it, then, are you ready for this, you can SKIP IT. Is it really that hard? If you don't like the story, and you think that it's a waste of your time, think about this: you just wasted another 5 mintues posting about a story that you didn't enjoy in the first place.

    Where's the logic in that?

    Posted at 10:33PM on May 29th 2006 by Lee

    15. We visisted the store yesteday 5/26/06 and had to CARRY our 22 month old daughter who was fast asleep up and down. It was worth it was awesome, I wish my daughter could have seen it...

    Posted at 10:44PM on May 29th 2006 by Camille Brown

    16. #13 glass doesn't catch on fire... therfore eliminating the need for those pesky alarms and sprinklers....

    Posted at 11:10PM on May 29th 2006 by Bob the Pirate

    17. No, the glass won't burn.
    It'll melt, and no one will be able to get out.

    Posted at 11:52PM on May 29th 2006 by Reid Bode

    18. I heard the macbook pros can start a really good hot fire goin' strong and keep it goin with all that juice. iMacs are also pretty good for firewood, i mean ifiremacs

    Posted at 12:02AM on May 30th 2006 by Zoli

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