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    AM I being scammed im not sure HELP
    hi all im selling my ibook on craigslist , got a buyer he will paypal but wants it shipped to a cousin in new york, not his confirmed address, if i wai till the money is transfered to my bank account could i possibly be scammed. he seems like a real person, types using u instead of you stuff like that no caps in i. i dont want to get scammed but i really want to sell, any advice, his email is somthin like lovin lovin at gmail dont know if that matters, anyone been scammed by him, or like this before

    thanks for the help in advance

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    There are plenty of people that will give you what an iBook is worth, if something doesn't feel right, don't chance it.

    Even if you get the payment and transfer it to your bank, the buyer can still reverse payment which means you will have a negative balance on your PayPal account. Since you wouldn't be elligible for PayPal's seller protection, you would be responsible for it.

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    I wouldn't risk it...
    Stick it on ebay instead...

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    Do not do this. As mynameis said, the seller can at any time file an appeal over the item. He can even say that he never received it since it is going to an unconfirmed address. YOU have no protection if you do not send to the buyers confirmed address. Also, I know alot of people are using Gmail accounts these days, my self included, but I believe they are still like hotmail and yahoo accounts and thus untraceable. I do not recommend using Craigslist for any purposes other than face to face local transactions. The selling area of that site has become a joke, and is rampant with want to be scammers. Hold on to your iBook, and don't lose your rear with this guy.

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    thanks guys i decided not to sell it, and thank you for being nice, the guys at the pcforum i posted the same message at got all pissed of at me for not knowing everything, that has convinced me to get an ibook for sure, because ibook users are nicer lol

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    Great Choice. I hope you sell your iBook.

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