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    Picked Up HD-DVD
    It's not a comparison/discussion between HD-DVD & Blu-ray...more about who else has it/thoughts...???

    I love Movies...been Collecting since '97...I took advantage of Best Buy's Victoria Day sale and picked up Toshiba's HD-A1 HD-DVD player...!!!

    I only have Jarhead & Training jaw dropped...fter loading up TRAINING DAY and with JARHEAD...I started drooling...!!! :lol: The Resolution, Clarity and Color is HD Broadcast you can forget about Noise/Pixels here...!!!

    My current set up HDTV/Panasonic 30" DirectView CT-30WX54 is a tease...I can't wait when I upgrade to LCD/HDTV....!!!

    It's weird how you now have to connect an Ethernet at the back of your HomeTheater Components.

    It's a quick pic...not the it is Of course, you can't tell the difference :p

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    I saw the player at Best-Buy too. The player looks nice also.

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