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    Buy Me A MacBook!
    I'm so desperate....I'm mister desperate...[/music]

    Yeah, I'm extremely desperate for a Mac I can program on (the G3 doesn't have a DVD drive so I can't install Tiger, and I'd be stuck with Xcode 1.5). I'm not asking you individually for donations; just thought I'd ask to spread the word. :p

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    good luck....

    you might look into a nice g4 they are going cheap. also allot of people are selling their ibooks.

    I'd tell you to save your lunch money since you're only 14, but you look to skinny now, so dont listen to that advice, because you might blow away.

    also what kind of applications you planning on deving? you might be able to get away with a g3 ibook or power book as well... I've coded several progs on my g3 ibook and i had no problems at all. I think you should have more options for donations, so you can be happy with what you get (if you get anything). maybe be more willing to accept other things.

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    Well, if I used the iMac, I'd be stuck with Xcode 1.5 (instead of 2.1), because it doesn't have a DVD drive, and I can't install Tiger (as I've stated; and besides, any programming for current and future Macs should probably be done on an Intel).

    Anyway, I don't get any lunch money; I'm homeschooled.

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    Well you could always download 2.0 from adc... also we don't allow beggars, and also you could just get a job.

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