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    I am a newbie and this is my first time posting on this forum. I am contemplating purchasing a Mac and I am curious about the power or limitations of 'Rosetta'. With Rosetta, can I run any MS Windows program on the Mac OS? I have several programs for MS Windows and I don't want to have to use 'boot camp'. If I am to make the switch, I want to make the switch completely.

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    Rosetta doesnt run Windows programs. Rosetta runs Apple programs designed for the PowerPC computers on the intel iMacs. Using boot camp and installing windows on the Mac is the only way you can run your windows programs.

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    Limitations of rosetta is speed. Still faster than my mac however eitherway.

    you can run Windows with bootcamp on intelmacs. However not on the MacOS.

    If you have programs for windows you use everyday post them we will find a replacement for almost all of them. Many may even be opensource (free)

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