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    Top Gear episode downloads (that hilarious show from britain)
    A guy I know sent me this link earlier, it contains about 50 episodes of that show top gear from england (really funny one with Jeremy Clarkson)

    Top Gear video site

    Have fun

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    Quoted from their site:

    * Legal note from the owners of zap! -We don't actually have any idea who uploaded these videos, nor do we know who coded the webpage. zap! will not be held responsible for any legal fracas, and we don't for one minute even suggest you download these files, whatever they are. By looking at this webpage, you are agreeing with these terms and conditions. We are by no way responsible for what is contained on this webpage.
    lol do they seriously think that will work as legal defense, I wouldn't expect this site to be around long since they are hosting the files themselves.

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    I love top gear!

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    I am so glad I have big hard drives in my file server.

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    This definitely violates the rules and many laws.

    This is your first post. Therefore I do not feel bad about giving you a week of suspension.

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