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    Quote Originally Posted by fluffy View Post
    Hi guys I totally agree that the macbook pro can get very hot. I have held it on my lap while watching the office and had red marks that didn't dissappear on my legs for almost an hour.
    Quote Originally Posted by Apple
    For prolonged use, place your iBook, PowerBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro on a flat stable surface. Do not leave the bottom of the computer in contact with your lap or any surface of your body for extended periods. Prolonged contact with your body could cause discomfort and potentially a burn.
    That's why they are called "portables" or "notebooks" and not laptops, you're not supposed to use them on your lap.:black:
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    MacBook Pros do get a little hot, but you can fix that easily. My MBP runs at about 40C always. So you can beat the heat, and its great. I agree with the rest.

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    i can attest to the fact that you can run a macbook on your lap for some time. i just make sure not to block the rear edge of the macbook at all (where it 'breathes').
    i've done this while running civilization IV too, which really gets my mac's electronic juices flowing.

    also, i do not run any sort of fan speed adjustment software.
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    Nice Write up

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    As to MBP heat - have been playing World of Warcraft of late
    Have played sessions lasting several hours, sitting in my recliner, MBP on my lap - yes it gets very warm, but no prob at least with jeans (and don't block the vents) but definitely wouldn't recommend it on bare legs.

    Is my first notebook, so I don't have anything to compare it with.
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    in comparison to eh mbp, the mb does get hotter. i luv my pro
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    this gettin hot cries really not mbp doesnt get that hot to burn my legs when i dont wear pants..and btw my friends hp laptop gets so hot,it is incredible,when i put my fingers in front of its fans it feels like hair drier

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    Portables? MacBook could be called laptops. The PROs might be portables, though.

    Nice write-up, by the way.
    But I think I still like the white MacBook better...

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    I can't attest to MacBooks, but I know my iBook G3 gets so hot after about half an hour that I can't use it on my lap anymore.

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    ...and why exactly did you dig up this 11 month old thread?

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