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    Question Desks in the UK
    Hi all,

    Just a quick enquiry for UK peeps.....I'm looking to get a new desk because I have a MBP on its way to me and I want to be able to set it up along side my iMac.
    Only thing is, the desk I have is too small atm....Or at least for everything else it needs to hold too!

    So I want to purchase a new one, but I'm finding it hard to find the right desk.....I've done some searching etc, but I just wondered if any of you could recommend any specific desks/shops?
    It needs to be big enough to take my 20" iMac and my 15" MBP, plus a few other bits and bobs.

    Would really appreciate any hints/tips/advice!



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    I'm sure you've already looked but have you tried argos or ikea? If not then you might be best with local places that specialise in desks, maybe look in your yellow pages?

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    i have this desk from pc world its just 4 bits of wood. it holds 2 17" tfts and my 12.1" ibook quite happly.

    im not at home right now and i cant remember the name of it but check there website

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