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    Intel iMac not reading DVD+R!?!
    I've just got a new Intel iMac 20". 2ghz etc, and tried copying a DVD using 'mac the ripper', it ripped fine, and burned fine, but once i tried to play it .... nothing.

    The DVD plays perfectly on both my normal DVD player and in my windows laptop, why wont it read in my mac????

    Its a DVD+R .... which i've always been led to believe is the most compatible format? :S

    Also, one other minor gripe, according to the advertising, my mac should have an 8x dvd rw drive, but when i burn, its limited to 2x .. any ideas?

    Thanks for any help

    Dan /

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    Also, data DVD's burnt onto a DVD+R read fine, its just a copied movie wont play in the dvd player.

    Thanks again for any help.


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