Hey all!

I've been here for a while... originally joined because I'm interested in buying the Intel iBook replacement (the Macbook).

A friend of mine and I have been working on a website,http://techriot.org for a while now. It finally launched three days ago, and we've been working on churning out some content. The Network is made up of three podcasts: techRiOT, macRiOT, and gameRiOT. techRiOT is just the main big tech topics of the week, and major news from the gaming or Mac world. That's where all the Windows stuff is. What you are interested in is macRiOT. It's your podcast about everything Apple and Mac. Not only news, covered in the newsblog, but also tips, tricks, reviews, interviews, tutorials, and more!

As I said, we are just starting out. I'd appreciate it if you checked out the site and kept it in mind when looking for the latest news or a good podcast to listen to. We also have openings for people who would like to join. We need as many hands to type up on the blog as we can! The more content we can get out, the better.

Here's the link to macRiOT: http://mac.techriot.org

Thanks guys,