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    This has got to be a scam...what you think?
    my craigslist post: for 2 turntables, note that i want under 200 bucks for them, i get reply:

    I am very intrested in this item so get back to me ASAP if is still available forsales and the condition also.
    i reply
    tables are in excelent condition, i only used them for about 20 hours at the very most. they have a little bit of dust on them and maybe a small surface scratch or two

    let me know if you would like them, i assume that meeting up for these is going to be easier for shipping if you are local to bergen county, NJ
    'she' replies
    Thanks for your reply concerning my enquiry. i am intereted in purchasing this great Items i just Wanna need this item .my method of payment i will send you US Postal Money Order ok? . due to some reasons Ok?What i am going to need from you is to send your Contact name and address aLong with phone number so that i can make an arrange for the payment. ok.............thanks hope to hear from ou soon and nice doing business with you N.B Since the system is still in great condition, i am willing to make an offer for an amount of $370 including packaging. It would be better for you to end the auction by taking it off Craigslist because am serious in buying this item.Thanks
    that is almost more than retail. should i have this buyer do paypal? have them go away? or actually accept a shady money order????

    if i get the money order and it doesnt clear then i dont ship it, that easy. unless my next email is going to be "i am going to send you seven hundred dollars from my russian account and ou can send me the product plus the difference in cash" or whatever that scam is
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    Quote Originally Posted by coach_z
    if i get the money order and it doesnt clear then i dont ship it, that easy. unless my next email is going to be "i am going to send you seven hundred dollars from my russian account and ou can send me the product plus the difference in cash" or whatever that scam is
    You don't have to wait for a money order to 'clear'. It is more or less as good as them sending cash to you. If you do receive it, just cash it at the bank ASAP. If they don't send it, then you are out of luck or have to relist it, but I wouldn't send a thing until you have the MO and have it deposited safely in your account.
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    ONLY use craigslist for face to face transactions in your local area. There are so many wanna be scammers on there it isn't even funny. Everytime I posted something for sale on there I would get nothing but emails from people wanting to send me a money order then have me ship it to their son going to school in South Africa or somewhere. They will always offer you more than your asking price if you will help them out, just be careful, and if its too good to be true then it probably is.

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    yes, agreed, i psoted my iPod for sale on myspace classifieds (figuring there is alot of people on myspace, 70million+) and i get emails from these people saying they want my iPod for $500, and say they are on vacation in Nigeria. Scam.

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    This is definitely a scam, OP. Note the elaborate yet choppy English and the amount of money offered.
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    If you say yes, they will send you a fake money order email from (note not .gov).

    It's a scam, tell them to take a hike.

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    Yeah... I got 3 of these to the only craigslist item I ever posted there...
    I think it really only works well with items too unwieldly to sell/ship via ebay...

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    That has bad news written all over it.

    When I was selling my 3000GT I got about 50 emails a day that looked exactly like that (poor grammar, misspellings, etc.). It got very annoying...

    Good luck.
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    some money orders can be cancelled like a check, its not as good as cash as someone above mentioned.

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