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Thread: Me and Dell

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    Quote by Graphite in MacFora

    I let something bad happen 

    No I didnt let anyone die, but something worse...

    Last night, a girl came in my room and started asking me about computers, cus she was going to buy one. Of course I tried to convince her shell be much happyer with the computer I have infront of me (iMac g4) and she just wouldnt budge, the girl knows nothing about computers. She wanted a Dell, and so did her daddy. Well she asked me the worst question in the world "Will you order it over the phone for me? So I dont get a bad computer?", ACK!!! NO!!! of course I said, well if you want me to talk to DELL its gona be crap, but i agreed "shur, ill order you the best computer the PC world has to offer.. which is just above a calculator."

    The Dell conversation consisted of this:
    Dell goofnut: "Hi and thank you for calling Dell!"
    me: "Word up homie"
    Dell goofnut: "um hello sir, can I help you?"
    me: "nahh, I wana buy a computer"
    Dell goofnut: "ok sir, let me put you through to a dell something or other specialist"
    me: "wait, stop, what is your job?"
    Dell goofnut: "I uh, am a receptionist"
    me: "ah, its a shame, put me through"
    click ::stupid elevator music::
    Dell idiot: "Hi sir, you would like to purchase a computer?"
    me: "word"
    Dell idiot: "ok, do you know the type of computer you are looking for?"
    me: "pff, I wouldn't have called if I knew"
    Dell idiot: "what would you be using this computer for"
    me: "I dunno, school and shizzaz"
    Dell idiot: "Well, we have an excellent Desktop mod.."
    me: "NO! I WANT A LAPTOP!"
    Dell idiot: "Im sorry I didn't hear you sir, could you please repeat that?"
    me: "you can't tell me what to do! [pause] **snicker snicker** a laptop"
    Dell idiot: "We have four excellent, notebook types, they ar"
    me: "Jebus friggen cry man! I said LAPTOP"
    Dell idiot: "Sir, notebooks and laptops are the same, and our models a"
    (me have the website up)
    me: "nahh, I want the workstation dealie one"
    Dell idiot: "Do you know what you will be using this computer for?"
    me: "eew, god its ugly, I want one of those White ones"
    Dell idiot: "Im sorry sir I we don't sell a white notebook portable"
    me: "yes you do! I see them all the time on those 'switch' comercials"
    Dell idiot: "no, that isn't us"
    me: "why not"
    Dell idiot: "i dont know."
    me: "what do you know"
    Dell idiot: "sir, you want the Workstation portable"
    me: "you can't tell me what I want!"
    Dell idiot: "what would you like with your Workstation portable"
    me: "is it white?"
    Dell idiot: "NO! its black!"
    me: "o, sorry.."
    [obviously changed over to a different person]
    Dell idiot #2: "The dell Workstation portable, comes with multiple options you can customize"
    me: "ok"
    Dell idiot #2: "would you like 2.4Ghz?"
    me: "I want 1.8ghz, DDR 256MB of RAM, 40GB of HD, DVD-CD-R drive, floppy drive, 32MB of video RAM, 15" monitor, and what ever else comes with it"
    [long pause and typing]
    Dell idiot #2: "um currently today we have a special on HD and RAM, would you like 512MB of RAM and a 60 Gb hd for the same price?"
    me: "why the hell would you ask something like that? of course I do, you could have surprised me tho!"
    Dell idiot #2: "thank you for your time sir, now I need billing information"
    [hand the phone over to the girl]

    I dont remember it exactly but thats pretty much what happend...

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    Funny, but I hate the ending. :lol:

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    :lol: ! HAHA

    i think you should of messed around with him more... i mean, being a mac fan... but anyway that was pretty fun, what with the switch adds, and what not

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    Originally posted by rman@Mar 8 2003, 10:27 PM

    cheer up, my roommates been asking me about desktop macs

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