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    How can I simply put the display to sleep but not the computer itself?
    And I know about that option in "Energy Saver" under the System Preferences. I'm asking if there's an easier and quick way to put the display to sleep. Is there a button combo I can use? Please help.

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    i dont know off the top of my head but you can do this, although it isnt actually sleeping....

    set up your screen saver to a black/black screen
    set up an expose corner to go to your screen saver and then wait for it to go to sleep under your energy saver pref's

    or you can use your displays power button

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    you can do this with an applescript or shell script. See this macosxhint here .

    If you scroll down in the comments, the script suggested by JiBB seems the best. I might try this myself.

    Note that you can't have the display go to sleep instantly, this is because in the preferences the shortest time you can set is 1 minute, and presumably there is no command you can invoke to make the display sleep right away.

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