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Thread: PC Software On Mac

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    PC Software On Mac
    OK I am making the jump to Mac....I do to much graphics based work to
    deal with all the problems I face on the PC. My only issue is software.
    I have large amounts of Adobe Software on my PC. What is my best course
    of action? Should I sell it all and get Mac or is there anyway to run it on


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    If you are getting an Intel based Mac then you can simply install WinXP (via Bootcamp) and use the Mac as a dual boot machine. If you want to leave the Windows world behind all together you will have to get new Mac software. Be advised, none of the Adobe products are Mac Intel native yet and will run under an emulator. You may notice a speed hit over your PC software. The Adobe products should be updated to Intel Mac native in 2007, but no firm release date has been given.

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    Buy an Intel Mac and use BootCamp to install Windows on it.
    I'd use Windows... but I like the Mac OS more.

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