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    Delete an Administrator account on OS X 10.3.x
    I'm trying to delete an account with Administrative rights unsuccessfully. This is an iMac on a lab environment the needs to authenticate users.
    OS x 10.3.x Your input will be appreciated.


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    You need to log in as Root to do so. If you have not set up the root account you must boot from the CD/DVD. When you get to the second screen for an install, go to the Menu bar and look for tools or utilities. There will be an option in there to "Change Password" or "Reset Password". Select that and for the user enter "root" and then a password. Once complete, reboot the Mac and log into the root account. Proceed to the Accounts prefs pane and delete the admin account in question.

    You may be able to delete the account in question when booted from the CD/DVD where you change the password, but I am not sure.

    There is probably a command line way to do this but I have no idea what it is.

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    Try this site out. You need to start up in single user mode though.

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    Is the account you're logged into an admin account? If yes, you should be able to delete the other account.
    If you're in a lab environment, you should talk to whoever admins the lab. They might not want the account deleted.
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