Here is a Doozy:

I am having trouble printing from my new Intel iMac over a wireless network, through an attached print server.

Here is the layout & issue:

I have a Windows XP PC & iMac in my office.
I have a wireless network connecting the 2.
On this network I have attached the SimpleShare 250GB network HDD, with print server
I have a Canon Pixma 800 attached via USB to the SimpleShare print server.

The iMAC cannot print out of the printer.
The iMAC searches, finds & installs the printer (Im thinking all is well...)
It sends the job & says the job is done, no issues (looking good!).
I hear the HDD fire up (a couple clicks). But nothing prints out & the printer does not recognize a job was sent to it. (ARGHH!)

I have:
upgraded to the latest firmware on SimpleShare.
The windows PC prints fine to the printer, through this same configuration.
The iMAC prints fine to the printer when the printer is connected directly.
The iMAC reads/writes fine to the HDD itself through the network.
The internet connection works fine through this configuration.

The ONLY issue is getting a print job from the iMAC to the printer.
ANY & ALL help is appreciated, its driving me crazy...