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    Imaging 2 Partitions
    I've created 2 partitions on my PowerMac G5, everythings preloaded on both partitions, but what I'm trying to find out is if it's a way to create one image with both partitions on it. . .That way I can image multiple machines with the 2 partitions already on it, and wouldn't have to image the 2 partitions separately. . .Can anybody help or suggest anything?

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    Try Google with the situation. That always helps me when I have a problem that is technical. As for this one, I could only help you if you were asking abount account pictures.
    It's all good.

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    How many machines are you talking about? dd is the probably the most direct way of doing it. This will allow you to do a literal by byte copy of the drive. Do a google for "dd clone" or "dd mac" I could provide instructions, I do this all the time, but I am a coward. Read before you do.

    EDIT: I think SuperDuper should be able to do it for you as well, though I have not tried with multiple partitions.

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