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    Cool web archive request
    i was wondering if someone could make me a web archive using safari of a web page and than email it to me so i may access it from my current location as there are blocks in my location.
    the webpage is
    click play game
    than low detail
    than select world 48 from the list.

    once it starts loading, make me a web archive of it.

    if you click a link and get a white page which sometimes happens, just click the screen and it will come up.

    My E-mail is

    props and kudos to whoever does this for me :black:

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    oh and once you email it to me would you post on here too?
    i dont like to check my email too often. the admins get mad....

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    trying to bypass your organisation filter is bad. and you will probably get your hand slapped for it.

    **** if it was on my network id kick you off the network all together

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