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jessejames4 04-17-2006 10:37 AM

Entourage quirk
I have a Mac G4 station with Entourage version 3 on it. When we get in new emails, the subject line is not bold text.

I've looked everywhere for this function and can't seem to see what it is that's keeping new emails un-bolded as they come in. Now, I have gone into the Mail and New preferences to make sure that UN-READ Mail is set to be bold when new, but all new mail still comes in as unbolded text.

My thinking is that it's a preference file that's corrupted somewhere but I don't want to go deleting anything without prudent advice from someone who's experienced with this.

If it's a common problem and I need to update to Version 4 then that's OK, I just need to get this solved. The funny thing is, when we first got this system, Entourage did function properly.


Jesse Parris
creative director
Compendium Publishing
New York

Brown Study 04-17-2006 11:26 AM

Have you tried checking for a bad font? Try validating them. To check them all at once, Open Font Book, click on All Fonts in the left column, then click in the middle column and hit Command-A. Then go under File to Validate Fonts.

Or you can check them one at a time, particularly the one used in Entourage, if you know what it is.

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