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    Intrigued About Ripping DVD's
    For all of you out there that Rip DVDs, how do you do it, and what is a good software to get (free). I am very interested in trying it out.
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    Mac the Ripper is a free ripping program.

    In order to make backup copies, you will also need a burning solution. Roxio's Toast 7 is great and will compress dual layer DVDs to fit onto a single layer (4.7GB) DVD-R. Toast costs $99 normally but is on sale apparently for $79

    Of course you should only be using this to make back-ups of DVDs you already own so that kids pets or whatever don't ruin your original copy.
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    Use Mac the Ripper as stated above, and go buy Roxio Toast 7, it's an awesome app that'll burn almost anything.
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