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    Gmail...The Only Mail Out There.

    Well, for most of you who are viewing, you are probably using a common E-Mail provider like Yahoo or Hotmail. For those who use .Mac, you have an email account as well, but there is something better. There is Gmail! The fast, easy to use Gmail E-Mail. You have over 2.7 Gigabytes of storage in your Inbox, and it never stops! Your inbox space keeps on growing 24/7. I you delete a message on accident. Don't worry. You can retrieve any message you have ever had in your Inbox!!

    Plus, you even have the Google search bar built in to your mail. Plus you also recieve Google Talk. This works much the same as AIM or any other messenger out. Lastly, you don't need to download anything for it to work on your computer. Google Talk is built into your Gmail on the left side of your E-Mail home page. You can, however, download Google Talk if you want it to be an App on your Dock!

    Now Gmail is by invite only, so send me a message with your screen name and mention you seeing this Thread and I will more than Happily Give out an invite!

    The home page for Gmail is or (which ever one that is easier to type in for you). There, you will be able to see the counter and get more information.

    If you have any questions, or just want to leave a comment be more than welcome.

    My E-Mail is

    So get invited!!
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    It's all good.

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    G-Mail is sort of old news. It's a nice back up, but I prefer my own e-mail domain(s).

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    Yep, Gmail rocks man!!!

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    Having read reviews and heard opinions, I have decided that other mail domains are better suited to my needs. I only ever really get emails from eBay or giving me notification about new websites and offers--- I never actually get emails from real people!

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    gMail is handy and works well.
    Might be a good option for the future as I will be changing my ISP again before long and will loose my eMail address for the 3rd time.
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    ISP based email is usually not as practical for that exact reason.

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    There is already a thread for Gmail invites. Please use that one.
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    You beat me to it! :biohazard

    I was going to delete it though

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