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    A guy tries to argue his case

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    I think that guy's a moron. He has dedicated an entire site, including his own domain name, to something he doesn't even like.

    Will his juvenile writing style convince anyway to stay away from the Mac?

    So he's either just a kid, or someone who really needs to get laid, either way he's pretty irrelevant

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    Most of this stuff is true.

    It's also benchmarks that talk about "Apple's new dual-core G4s".

    You be the judge...
    I'd use Windows... but I like the Mac OS more.

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    Oh, dang why didn't someone tell me about this site 11 years ago.

    If I had read this then I would never have gotten a Macintosh, I really ought to sell my gear soon on this advice.... :flower:

    Let him/her write—freedom of expression and all that. I'm sure most people can judge for themselves what they like or not.


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    i liked it and think its funny. i wish he had more comments posted.

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    Macs do suck. This has opened my eyes.

    He clearly values our opinions. It sounds like he really wants us to convert to a PC right away! We should. Im glad someone finally acknowledges us

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    Well in all blunt honesty, I think the person who wrote that site is a complete moron.....And I will offer some reasons as to why I came to this conclusion:

    1) He doesn't know how to write an argument, he is clearly profoundly uneducated This is not a debate, or an article or an argument.....It is just the mere ramblings of a person who sat down to write a 'Mac Bashing' rant.....That is the key objective and hence from that point forward, there is no argument, there is only subjective, biased.....rubbish?

    2) A lot of the things he says are just un true.....For example, yes OS X may be based upon FreeBSD, but it is modified and amended by Apple to suit their computers, anyone who has used OS X will have clearly noticed the distinct modifications to order to form the OS Core suitable for Macs. In other words, they used a 'core'.....Well, lots of OS's do that? Secondly, I have no idea what this person does to Macs to make them 'Crash a lot', because my Macs have NEVER crashed. That said my PCs very rarely crash too these days, but all the same his point is null and void. Further evidence that this person is only interested in forming a biased and un-academic rant. I could go on, but I won't.

    3) He paid for a domain, hosting and made a website in order to fulfill one core objective: getting angry at Apple.......This is quite worrying, sad and leads me to ponder whether or not this individual was hit on the head by an Apple Computer at a young age, or was viciously assaulted by an Apple he seems rather upset and that is a long way to go to settle one's emotions. In my humble opinion, I suggest he gets out more.

    So to conclude, I hope a crazed Apple fanatic locks him in a room with a Steve Jobs blow up doll and 20 iMacs for the rest of his life

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    Yep, today all my Macs will hit Ebay. He opened my eyes. Time to get my 286 out of the closet and dust it off, and run windows 3.0/Dos 5.0 again.

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    This guy is incompetent. End of story. This was CONFIRMED when he couldn't get his display hooked up first try. Seriously. Come on.

    Maybe his concern regarding no defragger would have some merit, except that HFS+ under 10.3 defrags files under 20mb on the fly.

    No registry editor? hmmm.... I wonder why?

    edit: after finishing the last few lines of the "article" and reading some of divisiontwo's other stuff, I've decided it's a joke. (the page that is)

    I guess some of us aren't as fast as the rest.

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    I didn't even bother to read it or even visit the link.
    Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I might not agree with it, nor do I have to agree with it. Bottom line... its an opinion. It doesn't have to be "right" or "wrong".

    I am not going to judge someone or make any comments about them because they don't like a certain type of computer.
    Just seems like a silly waste of time to do so.
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    I'm going to have to agree with Devilboy on this one.

    If this guy want's to spend a minimum of $5 on a domain and hundreds for hosting just to have this site, that's fine. Especially considering he won't sway sales either way. It's just a computer.
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    his argument about mac using there own platform to host is codswallup imho.

    At least with mac os x and apache its kept up to date.

    His website is running apache 1 on windows 2000 with php 4.2.3

    just asking to be hacked tbh, anything less than php 4.3.9 is vulnreble to some pretty seirous exploits.

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    .I could get a Mac mini computer for $499 and have no keyboard or mouse, no serial ports, no way to connect a printer, no PS/2 ports, no floppy drive, no 5.25" bays, no PCI slots, no speakers, and no Windows XP...

    ...or I could grab an equally stylish, full-featured eMachine at the gas station with a bag of chips for less than half the Mini's price, with the added benefit of being able to run Windows XP. Decisions, decisions.
    eMachines is about the cheapest PC out there.

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    Lol, very funny biggyme!

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