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    Firewire not available in 400MHz G4. Should that be?
    We're trying to set up an external CD burner in our 400 MHz G4, which we recently had fixed. The hard drive was replaced and Tiger installed, etc.

    This is the first time we've hooked up the CD burner since getting it back (it worked prior to crash). Now, when I check System Profiler, it's like the firewire port(s) are dead (no info) and no recognition when the firewire CD burner is connected (it shows up on our eMac quite readily).

    Anyone with any suggestions?


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    Is this a G4 tower (Sawtooth) or something else?. The FW ports should show up just fine, if they don't you likely have as motherboard problem. You could buy a Firewire PCI card if it is a tower.

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    G4/firewire problem
    Quote Originally Posted by baggss
    Is this a G4 tower (Sawtooth) or something else?. The FW ports should show up just fine, if they don't you likely have as motherboard problem. You could buy a Firewire PCI card if it is a tower.

    Sawtooth?? This G4 was bought in October of 1999 if that helps define it. I'm not sure of the Sawtooth designation or how I would know


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    All PowerMac G4s have dual FireWire 400 ports. The first two versions of the Power Mac G4 were the Yikes! (wholly PCI based) and Sawtooth (PCI + AGP 2x)


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    G4 and firewire problem
    Our 400 MHz G4 would seem to be the "Yikes!" PCI only. Would anyone care to further any other reasons for the firewire not to be active? I have "motherboard" so far, do I hear...?

    Thanks everyone,


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    i'm sorry.. but i dont know it this makes any sense..

    is this for sure a powermac? or is this an imac?
    the 400mhz powermac does have pci slots.
    an imac doesnt..

    and yes i am aware.. that this may be no help at all.. but it might.
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    I have a Yikes G4. I will check it later and get back with you. The Yikes uses the basic G3 board from the B&W and those have the Firewire not built directly on the motherboard but a separate assembly. Maybe a plug came out. I will check mine after dinner and get back.

    The Yikes is a Gray tower (Graphite Color) with only PCI slots and NO AGP like Vicky stated. You can always tell the Yikes from the back. The Speaker and Line In Jacks are side by side on the lower back panel but the Sawtooth are one above the other.

    Edit, Just checked my Yikes. It has the Firewire on a shielded card and plugs into the main board with a 4 wire cable. Look at the board right behind the Ram slots. There is a long oval box in the air, that is the Modem that plugs in with a Ribbon cable, Below it you will see the smaller square metal box. There should be a 4 Pin plug coming out the box with 4 colored wires and a plug on the other end that plugs into the Motherboard. I am just wondering if when your machine was upgraded if the Tech knocked it loose? Worth a check if your machine is a Yikes based G4.

    The newer models have the FireWire controler right on the motherboard.

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