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    iMac: the way a computer should be
    Computers have finally gotten to the point where I'm pretty happy with their performance. My wife has been using her 20" iMac Core Duo for about a month and a half now with zero hiccups. No crashes, no loud noise coming from the machine, picture quality is amazing, everything just works. Even video editing is wicked fast. I think Apple has done a great job with this release; I'm really pleased with this machine. Just wanted to praise the good design work

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    It really is a superb computer. I really am a bit bugged and freaked out that I have nothing to complain about or take care of. It's perfect. I mean, really, I have not had ANY trouble that would let me think negatively of this beautiful sculpt of art.
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    This thread sounds like one of them commercials... especially when kaidomac said "everything just works" :p

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