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    Mountain Cowboy
    Is there a place to rant , Is this it
    I've been looking around this forum and have not found a site to just rant about the latest thing down the pipe. Have I found the proper place to vent my frustrations and observations on this web site

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    yea you sure as heck can do that here but keep it clean and make sure you read the rules, stickies etc. etc. etc.

    another good place would be the irc chat (check the stickies) but unfortunately at this time of night the only people there are chanserv(not actually a person) bhanson (who never actually leaves the place and i just left after noticing i was the 3rd person in there

    and heck, if you have good rants and raves get a blogger account and link us to it on occasion
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    Mountain Cowboy
    I'm a simple guy just watching my children grow and enjoying the good times. You know it seems the people around me have found something new to drive them and I don't quite see it . They drive like their family is in the ER and time is of the essence. When you see these people in the isle of you local store they aviod eye contact (perhaps thinking you are the person they just rudely cut-off in the parking lot) when you're passing as to let you know "don't even think about getting any kind of pleasent aknowledgement from me". what the heck are these people thinking .
    You know folks we are here on this rock together and this is just an indicator of whats wrong with the mind set .If we can't treat each other with a little bit of kindness ,just a nod in passing to let the other person shareing the same space know that they are seen and accepted in that space. What we will end up with is a land full of single familes with no ties to the people around them . The danger in this is that you could find yourself in the midst of a group that has a very different veiw of the world around and perhaps in dispute of your own . Maybe you think the world is such a large place that your actions will be of no worth or make no change.Maybe you think this life is to demanding to put yourself through the trouble of aknowledgeing that person walking down that isle.
    In this country we face a very dire situation , do you feel the same as the the person who just walked past you about the situations that are effecting you . Guess what you will never know because you are not even aknowledging that persons presence.
    We as a country are facing the result of this type of mind set . We are the best country on the face of this earth but if we don't get our heads together and talk about what we want and how we feel about the things going on in our country .We will be subjected to the wants of the people who group together and make their voices heard.
    Talk to your neighbor see what they think . Next time you see that person in the same space give them a smile and a nod . When people feel they are part of something bigger they tend to speak of their thoughts , participate in community events and in other ways participate in directing our country in the direction of the people in this country would like to see. We are the leaders of our country but if we can't come together and form a solid stance we are doomed to fall to the will of the radical and extreme.
    I come from a town voted the most patriotic town in the U.S.A. during operation desert storm by USA today .We still have a 4th of July parade full of home town veterans. Streets lined with the stars and stripes put their by our local boyscouts and more horses than anything else. Maybe Im a little sheltered from whatever it is that is driving these people who fly past me on the road and in the store but I do see the trend .Do you think that I'm on to something or just a shot of rum past making sence

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    Do you think that I'm on to something or just a shot of rum past making sence
    I'm going to have to go with the latter...

    P.S. "sense"

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    What you are seeing is that the world has become morally corrupt.
    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain!

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    And it's not like this is really new, sounds like you just realized it though...

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    Well, we have a saying over here in Britain that I am sure you have in the US, as I said enough times when I was over there—Don't let the *******s grind you down.

    At the end of the day life is full of morons who are entirely selfish etc., don't let it get to you, lead by example and you will be fulfilled that at least you are doing the right thing by you. There will be many gems of people out there and you will realise that whilst most people are wrapped up in themselves and couldn't give a toss sadly—there are also some wonderful people out there.

    That's what I think anyway.


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    Well from what I read, you sound pretty negative... thats never the way. Perhaps looking at yourself and why this matters to you, is what you should look at.

    But I didn't read the whole thing way too long, no format and I have papers to write.

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