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Thread: Webcam's for Mac's any suggestions ?

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    Webcam's for Mac's any suggestions ?
    Hi all

    Im looking for a webcam for my Powerbook G4

    Also looking to purchase 2 more for my work colleagues so am on a budget so any suggestions of good budget webcams would be great

    Any ideas ?

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    Well I personally find the iSight to be a great webcam/video camera but if you are looking for something a little less expensive, I've always found Logitech Cams to be very reliable and generally excellent.

    I have used many in the past and continue to use a couple to this day, you're pretty safe with most/any Logitech Cams.

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    also whats your purpose? isight has not got the best of reviews when using it for messenger video conferencing like yahoo. and especially if one is on windows and the other on mac. ichat has not have any major issues with isight. And if you just want to make your home videos, isight will work as a charm.

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    iSight is fine.
    the back of our computer looks better than the front of theirs

    Quote Originally Posted by Super_boy22
    i can store many dvds on 1 floppy so it's essential to me

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