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    Video camara download problems Plz Help
    i have about 15 hours of round the world video footage i want to edit into a DVD. When i plug in the USB or fire wire connection into my new G5 nothing happens. I emailed panasonic (camcorder people) they said it should all happen, and no additional software was available from them...

    can anyone help me get the footage onto the computer?

    treeman :dive:

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    Here is what I do with my Canon camera. Plug the camera in to firewire ports. Then turn your camera on in VCR mode. Assuming that you are going to use iMovie to edit your movie data, start (run) the application. Once the iMovie application comes up it should see the camera and place you into input mode. Select the imput button and your camera should start playing your video. Note the down load is real time, so if the video is two hours, then it will take two hours to down load.
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