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    Smile ISP's
    Hi All,

    Can anyone give me some advice on which ISP to use here in the UK.
    I am currently on AOL dialup with my old PC and have just bought a new Apple G5 and want to change to Broadband and have been advised by some not to go with AOL Broadband and I am not 100% happy with AOL dial up to be honest.
    Trouble is I am hearing all sorts of gripes about various ISP's and getting a bit confused as to who to go with. I wan't to go wireless and have also bought an Airport Extreme unit so we can use more than one computer wirelessly.

    Any good recommendations ? Demon, Virgin, Bulldog, Tiscali, Wannadoo, BT ???
    Who is best for Apple ? Any advice appreciated.


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    Surely there must be some Imac G5 users in the UK on broadband ? !

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    Hello Delboy

    I'm currently using Freedom255 which is a Mac ISP. I use a IMac G5.
    For broadband the cost is 24 per month!!

    I need to save some money so I'm looking for a cheaper broadband ISP.

    I've just posted to this forum, as you have, asking for info about Mac friendly ISPs. So far no replies.

    Let me know if anybody replies to you with useful info!!


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    Two years later...
    Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?

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    there are some links here for starters

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesybanana View Post
    Two years later...
    That's funny.

    The sad thing is, this was 2 years ago....and yet I am STILL on AOL dialup.

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