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    What would you suggest for a college comp setup?
    I'm off to college this coming fall, so I'm starting to construst a budget for my computer needs.

    At the moment I'm thinking MacBook Pro (specs...?), and AirPort Express (although I probably won't be able to use it legally under the institution's IT polices), a printer, and a digital camera.

    I want the AirPort Express so that I can hook my speakers, ethernet, and printer up to it, thereby only having to worry about unplugging the 'book from the wall when I'm running off to class. My fear, however, is that this will make theft a bit easier. All the wireless business may also be more of a hassle than it's worth, I don't really know how great the AirPort Express is. I'd appreciate any insight on this one.

    So, if you people could please suggest what you think I should get, I'd really appreciate it. I know many of you are in college or have already experienced it, so the advice will be really helpful. Thanks.

    P.S. - money is not really an issue on the laptop front as long as it's within reason (i.e. I have no reason for the processor upgrade or an absurd amount of RAM). My parents promised they'd get me whatever laptop I wanted if I got my Eagle Scout. But obviously I don't want to totally screw my family over either.

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    A MacBook Pro would be good, and I think the base model would be fine, though I would upgrade the ram to 1GB. You can order the Mac in your name and get your education discount, from Apple's website a MBP with the 1GB upgrade is $1889. Of course you could get the higher level MBP for $2299 which already comes with 1GB, plus an upgraded video card (256MB vs 128MB) and more HD space (100GB vs 80GB) and a 2.0GHz vs 1.83GHz proc.

    I'd almost go for the upper model because of the extras you get, but I really don't know what your needs would be, and I don't think it is worth $270 for the 2.16 over the 2.0. I have never used an AirPort Express, but I would think it is worth the mobility it would provide.
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    could you tell us the reason that the airport wouldn't be legal under your institution's IT polices, so we can try and help.

    As for the computer, I would go for the MacBook Pro with the 1 Gb RAM, But i think it would be better to go for the biggest hd possible. It might also help us if you tell us what you plan oon doing with it. It might also help is you tell us how soon you want to buy?

    Make sure you try and get the educational discount because it saves you a lot of money (more your parents)

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    iMac G5 20", 250gb, 512mb, Airport/Bluetooth, wireless kb+mouse
    Most college IT departments list in their policies that use of your own wireless access point is prohibited and that you can only make use of the college's own access points. I think the reason is that they don't want personal wireless networks interfering with their own.

    I'm using the computer for pretty basic things. The most processor difficult thing I will be doing is recording (guitar, vocals, piano). I suppose I could get away with an Intel iBook (if we ever see one) but since my parents made the offer they did, I plan to get the MacBook Pro.

    I need the laptop by late August. I don't plan to rush and buy one now though, because frankly, I'm hoping they'll come out with a new one to fix some of the problems that people are talking about (the whining). I am prepared to take my sweet time waiting for this puppy.

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