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    Jun 09, 2005
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    iBook 12" G4, 30 GB, 768 MB RAM. iPod 5G 30GB.
    Out of all the cell phones youve had...
    which one is the one you favor the most and what service you love most. Also, does anyone have a sidekick 2? how would you rate it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iWonder
    which one is the one you favor the most and what service you love most. Also, does anyone have a sidekick 2? how would you rate it?
    The BlackBerry 8700c is my current phone, and by far the best phone I've had to date.


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    i dont have no mac's
    samsung sch a950 (i think that is its model is that red mp3 one from verizon)...i like it because i have had it for 6 months and it has not broken yet like every other phone i have had
    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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    Feb 18, 2005
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    nokia 6820. i've dropped this phone alot and it's still tickin'. service has always been good with att/cingular. my only complaint is the crappy screen. i can't really rate other services cause i've only been with att/cingular.

    my apple is bling *tisk tisk, you shouldn't have any bling.. just nice things*

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    Out of the 20 or so Cellphones I have had, my current Motorola Razr is actually my favorite. I had a Sony Ericsson T637 that was a rock solid little phone as well. Once the new razr comes out with an actually functional 1.3mp camera I will like it even more.

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    Out fo the 4 phones I had in the past My nokia 6600 is by far the best one I have owned. Its through T-Moble. Within the next couple of days though Im going to be getting the T-mobile MDA...So nice.

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    Feb 17, 2006
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    My favourite phone has to be the current Motorola Razr V3.

    The best phone for 'determination to keep going' was my Nokia 6310i. I dropped it in about 6 different ponds at various times over the 18months I had it. I dried it out every time and then every time it would switch on again afterwards. Eventually it did die on me but I suppose it is to be expected.

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    I would have to call my QTek 9100 my favorite. Gadget lover syndrome. I really like the Razr though as a phone.

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    just for fun, ill list the phones i've had since i turned 13:

    Ericsson A1018S (lost in a bus (doh))
    Nokia 5110
    Nokia 3210
    Nokia 3330
    Nokia 3510
    Nokia 3510i (adds color display)
    Nokia 3220 (aka disco-phone)
    Nokia N-Gage QD (yea i know, and i was orange too :p)
    Sony Ericsson Z800i (3G)
    Sony Ericsson K750i (borrowed it for about 2 months from the store where im working)
    Sony Ericsson W550i (current one, fairly odd phone and a rare one too, Love it!)

    Next: either:
    Sony Ericsson K800i/K790i
    Sony Ericsson W810i

    heh seems like i went back to the system i started out with '

    just too bad the W550i aint supported my Panther (no iSync'ing)
    - It's like - he was got - they'd just like. It was like so hush hush. They were so... quiet about it. And then the next thing you know...

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    I started out with CellOne, which transferred to Cingular. Had the Old Verizon Service, Went Back to Cingular. Plans got Expensive. Went to Sprint. Alot of my family had Sprint so it was free Sprint to Sprint. Then their "Spending Limit" Got to be a pain in the @$$ so i cut them loose went back to verizon. And Now i have Nextel for my work phone and Tmobile. Tmobile/Cingular have GSM Serivce...All Digitial unlike Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, THey have CDMA, its Digital/Analog. But GSM gets better coverage indoors.

    But NOTE: All cell providers do NOT gaurantee COVERAGE INSIDE HOMES OR BUILDINGS. i had to fight with Verizon over that since Every other service worked in my house besides Verizon. So i had to let them go.

    Ive played with the Sidekick, its cool. But the Packages and price...makes me a lil iffy on weither or not id get it.

    Basically ive had every Service Provider in the book.

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    Jan 12, 2005
    12" 1Ghz PB 768Mb 10.4.5 30Gb Video iPod 40Gb 3G iPod 1Gb iPod Shuffle
    Best phone ive had was the Ericsson T68mi, was an awesome phone!!

    Apple, think different

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    Mar 30, 2004
    12" Apple PowerBook G4 (1.5GHz)
    Nostalgia time...I liked my Motorola StarTAC and Motorola V60i about equally. Both on Verizon Wireless. Both were simple, durable, and compact. The V60 was more complicated, but it worked as a USB modem with my PowerBook.

    The Kyocera KX1 (also Verizon) I've been using lately isn't as straightforward as the old Motos, but the sound is clear, and it can pull in a signal pretty well. And frankly, I think it's simpler than the new Motorola models.

    In contrast to my attitude toward computers, I have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a cell phone upgrade. I don't even send text messages. I'm sure I'm in the minority.

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    Motorola Razr V3
    Powerbook 15
    Powerbook 17

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    I've had a bunch of phones. My favorite is the Moto RAZR although I have a PEBL now and I really like that.

    As for services, T-Mobile for sure.
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    i've had 2 Moto RAZR's, and one was ran over by a car. and i have Verizon.

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