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    BusinessWeek Poll
    Showing on the latest news tab on homepage.

    But the basic part of it is...

    Will Microsoft's decision to delay the next version of the Windows operating system change your PC purchase plans?

    • Yes. I was hoping to upgrade before the holidays, and now I’ll have to wait till 2007 (current results: 12.2%)
    • No. If Vista isn't ready by the time I buy, so be it. I'll expect a free upgrade when it's available (14.9%)
    • I wasn't planning to buy a new computer any time soon (22.9%)
    I do intend to buy a new computer -- an Apple (48.2%)
    • Not sure (1.8%)

    Can only be good news....
    Oh...and only pretty girls use Macs...

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    Sweet! Go apple!
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