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    when i turned 21 back in november, i got a ticket for furnishing alcohol to a minor. the d.a.'s office set me up with a diversion, meaning that i had to do a bunch of stuff and when i finished with it all, the charge would go away and my record would be clean. this is the stuff i have to do:
    60 hours community service
    6 aa meetings
    assessment fines

    i was willing to do it all until i found out about the treament part. they require i take a 16 week program at $100 a week. seeing as how i'm not an alcaholic, this bothers me.

    so heres my question: im moving back to washington in a couple weeks (im in oregon now), and i doubt i'll tell the court. say i get a speeding ticket in washington...can they see that i'm "wanted" in oregon and send me back?

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    I suppose they can find anything out about you they want, assuming they have a reason to look. I'm sure the laws regarding extradition vary state to state, but is what you were cited for a felony? I'd suspect that if they did find out, and something was to be done, they'd require you to "face the music" in Washington, if they could do anything at all. Generally, in situations like this, I look to the O.J. case. If they can't bring a guy to justice for nearly hacking off two people' heads, what are the chances they're going to find you and your past offense?


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    A family member got a speeding ticket in New York state and got arrested for not paying it two years later in Quebec, Canada at his workplace by the Quebec provincial police (handcuffs and all). He didn't have any offense in Canada that would have caused the prov police to check him out. New York simply submitted the info to a shared data base.
    Also, you could end up with time as a fugitive in addition to time for violating your diversion terms. (Fugitive warrants do not expire.)

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    it is only 1600 dollars compared to going to jail or other things they could have done to you. if you run and break the law again you will go to jail for two charges.

    and next time you make some sort of plea agreement, make sure you know what you are getting into first.
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    well i know a buddy of mine was going though something like that but it dealt with theift not alchol and while he was doing all the community service stuff like that they told him he couldn't leave the state they had people watching his truck and stuff and the can also put your lincense plate on file and if your get pulled over anywhere the cop just type sin your lincense plate number and BAM it says your wanted in orgeran

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