I've spent the better part of two days setting up a Dell Dimension 4600 with XP Pro for my Dad. I gave his system a facelift complete with a clean install of the OS, apps, etc., new drivers, more ram, a backup hard drive, all the goodies. He also inherited my 19" LCD and some other fun, modern hardware. He wanted the 4600 on his desk for easier access, so I put it next to his printer and cleaned up the wiring mess. When I was all done, I looked at it and thought, "Man, this would be perfect for a Mini."

To do what I do to Windows systems, it typically takes a full week (restore discs, a backup system, software installation & configuration, etc.); I was able to do this system in a couple days because most of the stuff was already in place. Even though it only took a couple days, the thought of having a Mini kept coming to my mind...small, quiet, powerful, and easy to set up. I could have had him up and running within an hour if he had had a Mini and, in the long run, it would be way better than his Windows system. I may have to invest in a Mini for him before I get one myself, lol.

Just some food for thought