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    Garageband wal-mart commercial?
    Did anyone else hear the garageband loops in the new Wal-mart commercial? The loop in Garageband is called "Deep Electric Piano 1". I noticed it immediately when it came on and started yelling to my girlfriend telling her what it was. She didnt believe me until I played it back for her in Garageband. Does anyone else think this is lame for Wal-mart to be using loops from garageband in their commercials?

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    do you have a link to the commercial incase they do not air it in my part of the country.
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    Lots of Television stations and retailers use Garageband loops in their commercials and promos.
    I have heard them on:
    Discovery Channel
    History Channel
    Comedy Central
    Court TV

    This is nothing new and nothing lame. They are royalty free loops, so why not use them instead of paying someone else for music?
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    that's really cool I didn't know it was used by so many commercial programs

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    As a musician, I find it lame how these huge companies with millions of ad dollars at their disposal resort to using something like garageband (free app) to make the soundtrack for their commercials cause it's free. Why not at least step up to Logic pro? I never said it wasnt royalty free, just weak. I mean, would you consider it lame if say The Rolling stones used garageband on their new album? I think it would...

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    Well, they most likely have a firm create the ads. and some of these firms could be smaller. Besides? why look a gift horse in the mouth? if its free take it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texasmeat
    like garageband (free app)

    GargeBand is not free unless you get a new Mac, which is more then buying iLife 06

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    I don't see much lameness in it.
    If the music suits the use and it's available, why not use it? The only reason I can think of is if it were overexposed, but I doubt many people would recognize where it came from. I think much of the music in garageband is very, very good and useful. The people who selected it seemed to go to great pains cover a range of moods and feels. If Wal-Mart had done custom music, they probably would have shelled out a bundle and given the direction "something like this," and then played the garageband track. Now that would be lame.

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    Are you sure the garageband loops didn't come from some other source that is also being used by the companies or ad agencies?

    If you think that's bad, look up the history, use, and misuse of the infamous "amen break". Here's a link to Youtube video that sums it up quite well.

    The video is an excellent thesis on the use of loops and samples, using the the Amen Break as an example. But if you don't want to sit through all 18 minutes, the short version is a 6 second drum loop, from the B-side of a single album by a group called "The Winstons" over 40 years ago, has essentially been stolen by countless people and corporations, creating entire new genres of music and making those people and corporations unimaginable amounts of money over the years. All without a single dime going to the original artists, let alone the copyright owner. The best part of the video is the summation commentary in the last 3 minutes.
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