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    Electrical/Computer Engineers and Mechanical Engineers:
    Is anyone here an electrical/computer or mechanical engineer? If so, what does your job entail?

    I am a freshman engineer at Purdue West Lafayette and I have to start thinking about a specific school of engineering soon but I don't know anyone electrical/computer engineers and I only know one ME so I was wondering what those job fields are really like. Purdue has only given us a general idea of what each job field entails, figures haha.

    Just wondering what you guys do on a day to day basis.

    p.s. I already looked at an internship at Apple, wouldn't be able to do that until I am a junior!

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    Hey there,
    I'm a trainee Mechanical Design Engineer.
    Also i am not from your neck of the woods, im over the large pond in that little <insert your own word here > UK.

    Job can vary. Company i work specialises in Aluminum Furnaces, Soaking Pits, Charge machines etc. Its not as grand as you may think. Going to site is awesome, seeing what youve just designed on your computer being built. Its made you design something that on your screen in 100mm yet in real life its 100ft long. Takes your breathe away.

    Day to day, for me anyways. You'll have what needs to be done, your goals. You work along side many engineers and you have to agree/ or adjust one anothers designs to work.

    It is pretty much a desk job i hate to say, but when you get to travel the world its truely awesome. Currently working on places such as Russia, Canada, Dubia (sp?), India gosh you name it.

    Oh a good part, which is kinda bad is problem solving. Someone always gets something wrong, and if its not you its the contractors on site. For example how do you get a 50ft furnace in a 40ft space. I know its not really that possible but you get my point. Your brain will be used keeping you active.

    I know its a rather brief post but i hope it helps. Im several months into my program but im doing added things so ill be fully qualified in 4yrs time. And ill have completed my extra studies 4yrs after that.

    Take it easy
    Hey I'm Andy, New to the Apple Mac world, Please Help me :mac:

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