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    Mac Mini NES

    Borrowing some of the NES’s retro looks, the Mac Mini NES is one of the coolest mods we’ve seen. Underneath the shell you’ll find a fully functional Mac Mini, DVD-Writer, and IDE to USB 2.0 circuitry. The power button turns off the Mini (or puts it in sleep mode), reset ejects the DVD tray, and both controller ports have an integrated circuit which allows any NES peripheral to be plugged in/used with emulators. More pics after the jump…

    Check out the article and more pics....

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    As a kid who grew up with NES, I appreciate this a lot. How cool is that! I still remember being 4 years old and playing Knockout and Mario 1 on NES!

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    Its almost inspiring... (runs to ebay and checks out NES)

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    it is pretty impessive. I would like to have one, and somebody comes in and says hey you have nes.. and i am like nahh.. its a mac mini. .but it plays nes through emulation, also plays dvds, goes on the interent.. etc.. so pretty much better then nes.
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    All of a sudden Jeffery disapears as this is a stolen prototype of the NES 2 - back in the habit!

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