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    Questions about a new laptop
    Okay, I have an iMac, so I'm happy there. However, I wanna save up (and I've got a bit of money stored away now) and buy a laptop. Here's my choices right now, what I'm considering.

    iBook 12" and max out the Hard Drive (I consume a LOT of Hard Drive space)
    An Alienware (the cheapest one they got- Alienwares are rediculously expensive, even the low-end ones)

    That's what I was thinking so far. See, I want something that runs Rome: Total War (Not necessary, I have other machines to run it, but would prefer a newer one... either way i don't mind. If it can, it's like a plus) but still fits a tight budget, because I burned a lotta cash on my iMac. Plus, there are other things in life that need money.... So, what do you think? Should I wait on the iBook because I hear they're gonna change it around a bit with Intel and all that... or should I get the Alienware? Or, do you guys have a suggestion?

    I'm not buying a Dell XPS, I had one and it sucked. I returned the M140 Dell XPS laptop two weeks after I got it (and got the new iMac instead, and lemme tell ya this thing blows the Dell away).

    So, one of those, wait, or suggestions of your own?

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    if you like macs, certainly go for the ibook. However, i warn you that installing a larger hard drive your self won't be too easy.. it takes patience, as there are over 25 diffenret types of screws you need to keep track of.
    if you need a PC, go for the ailienware ones. they are nice, but personally i still like macs better.
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    Like you said, alienwares are overpriced.
    And if you go low-end, I believe that one has a celeron and integrated graphics?
    That kinda ruins the point of an Alienware...

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