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Thread: .Mac Slow?

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    .Mac Slow?
    Has anyone else noticed since the release of iLife 06, that the .Mac service is crazy slow? I have been getting timeout durring sync, mail take forever to load, my webpage looks like I am hosting it on my iMac via a dialup connection.

    Looks to me like apple didn't size the environment properly for all the new tie in's that iLife 06 has (Photocasting, iWeb, etc). What's even worse is it doesn't look like Apple is addressing the problem, publicly I don't think they have even admited there is an issue.

    I've e-mail .Mac about this with no response. This is kinda sad for a premium service to have such horrible performance and even worse customer service. Makes me re-think my membership which is due for renewal in 73 days.

    Anyone else having the same issues?

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    I don't know about service since the release of iLife 06, but it's been slow since I got on last week. I bought my wife a .Mac membership with her new iMac for convenience. It's kind of embarrassing to show people her webpage...she gets all excited to show family members & friends the webpage she made using iWeb from PhotoBooth photos, and we wait...and wait...and wait...and finally it slowly loads (this is on 5mbps cable Internet, no less). My $35/year personal hosting service over at that uses cPanel on Linux runs like 100x faster than this does. Ah well, everything else is good enough to make up for it. Renewal next year is up for debate right now :p

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    I'm using iLife 05 and .Mac has been fine to me. Mail is coming in great, syncing with no problems--just been debating here the past week whether to buy iLife 06 or not. I really want to build my own webpage for ministry and would like to edit photos. I guess I'll give in eventually.
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    iWeb is pretty cool, but the only problem is that it's all designed specifically for blogging. With a lot of editing, you can create a real page, but everything is like: Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog... I don't blog, so I find that unneccessary. I usually take the time to edit it to a normal page. Bright side to iWeb though: easy to attach files and such

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